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What is a Shortened Link?

A URL Shortener is a web app that helps you convert a regular URL (Absolute address) to a condensed (abbreviated) form known as the shortened link for that particular URL. You only have to copy the full URL of a webpage and paste it into the tool to come up with a condensed version of the link that is around 10 to 20 characters long. For Example:

Absolute Link :

Shortened Link :

Why Shorten a Link?

Shortening a link offers advantages more than many, a few are listed below:

• Makes links more manageable.

• Easy to remember.

• Short links look smarter and works better.

• Easy to share on various social networks.

• Comes handy on messaging platforms that have character limits.

• Ideal for use on 140-charactered Twitter platform.

What is a Custom Link?

It helps you have your own words in the short link. Whenever you shorten the link from, it comes in the form, means will itself decide the Link Name. If you want to replace the link name to that of your own choice, you can do it through Custom Link. The Custom link will be like Here 28f4f is replaced by mylink.

How can I customize my short link?

You can customize your short link through Generate Custom Link option in Go to and paste the link you want to shorten in the textbox. Click on Generate Custom Link. Type the name you want to give to your link and then press Enter.

Your custom link will be generated.

What is a secure link?

A secure link is a password-protected link that can be accessed only by its designated recipient. You can create a secure link through Generate Secure Link tab. Just paste the link you want to shorten in textbox and click on Generate Secure Link. Type the password you want to assign to the short link in the open textbox and then press enter to generate secure link.

Can I generate a password-protected shorten link?

Yes, of course, you can generate a password-protected link through Generate Secure Link option in

How can I save my all shortened links without login?

After shortening a link through, you will notice a sticky bar with inscription, “Do you want to archive your short links?” To save all your short links, click Yes on the open popup. All the links shortened by you will be archived in “Recently Shortened Links” list.

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