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Shorten Links Quickly

Shorten Links Quickly

Shorten your links and share them with ease. links occupy minimum character limits and do not break, so they are ideal for use in business processes, social media, personal use, and more.

Secure Your Links

Password-protect your links before sharing to ensure only your designated recipients can open and view the Web page.

Create Custom Link

Customize the back half of your link to give it a personal touch. Improve performance by making your links easier to remember and relate to the purpose they were created for.

View Recent Actions

View a detailed list of all your recent actions, links shortened and shared through

Get Detailed Analytics

View important information about the links you've shortened and shared. Get to know how many visitors, and from what geo-locations, clicked on your link.
Free Unlimited Personal Use

Connect, engage and publicize your information and webperience with more and more Internet users around the world. Take charge of your social engagements on the Web with short, fast and secure links powered by

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  • 1
    Emails to prospects and clients (who read your blog post?)
  • 2
    Customize your domain name for consistent branding and marketing
  • 3
    Links posted on Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest & other social networks
  • 4
    Scheduling Tweets with the Twitter integration feature
  • 5
    Blog posts and comments on sites you contribute to, but cannot see the stats
  • 6
    Scheduling Tweets with the Twitter integration feature
  • 7
    Links to PDFs and other files on websites and in emails
  • 8
    Links embedded inside mobile, iPhone, and Internet-aware applications
  • 9
    Affiliate links
  • 10
    Links in customer support emails

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